New course just ahead!

Like I always say, a translator’s education should never stop. Professional, technical translators should always strive to be updated on the latest news of both their industry and the field they’re mostly working on. Especially MedicoTechnical translators (btw, this was a term I came up with when I started this blog, so hooray for coining a new term!) should always be on top of their game!
This for me means learning as much as you can on your field, not just the latest news but anything you can get your (soon-to-be-arthritic from working too much) hands on.
I am planning on writing a small article on this later, on where you should focus your attention if you are a Medical and Technical translator like me, but for today, let me give you a small example!
I just signed up to take an Introductory Course in Human Physiology. Coursera is one of the best places online to find free and not-so-free lessons on various subjects that are not strictly related to the linguistic field. Today, I chose the Introduction to Human Physiology. Here are some details on this course:
In this course, students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function (as an intact organism) in the body’s nine organ systems.
There are subtitles available in English, Chinese, Portuguese. The course consists of 22 hours of videos and assessments, and when you finish the entire course, you can get a Certificate of attendance, which can easily be added to your CV.
Topics that will be covered are:
1. Intro on Human Physiology
2. Homeostasis and Endocrine System
3. The Nervous System
4. The Senses and the Somatic Nervous System
5. Muscle
6. Cardiovascular System
7. Respiratory System
8. The Endocrine System
9. The Reproductive System
10. The Gastrointestinal System
11. The Urinary System

We have a saying in Greece, “Ό,τι μάθεις καλό είναι”, which roughly translates as “Anything you learn is good for you”, and I’m pretty sure this course will provide new, interesting additions to my arsenal as a MedicoTechnical translator. So let’s hear it for people that LOVE their jobs! 🙂


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